Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mick and Chloë Inkpen

I don't think Mick Inkpen really needs and introduction. He is one of the most popular author/illustrators in the world, his stories have been translated into over twenty different languages and his books have sold over 4 million copies. Kipper, perhaps his most popular character of all, is now the star of his very own TV series while Wibbly Pig, Penguin Small and Threadbear continue to delight young readers - and their parents!

Mick has won numerous awards world-wide including The British Book Award for Penguin Small, The British Book Award for the best illustrated book, for Lullabyhullabaloo, The Children's Book Award for Threadbear, The Parents and Munch Bunch Play and Learn Award and The Right Start Petit Filous Best Toy Award for Where, Oh Where is Kipper's Bear? Kipper won a BAFTA for best animated children's film in 1998, and Kipper's A to Z won the silver medal in the 2001 Smarties Prize.

I adore his work, because it is simple, clear, warm and charming. I also admire his skill in using watercolour. Here are some of his drawings:

And now we have Chloë Inkpen! The daughter of Mick Inkpen grew up surrounded by picture books. She was awarded second place in the 2008 Macmillan Prize for Illustration. Father and daughter have come together for a unique picture book partnership in creating a series of books about Zoe and Beans. There are two books ready now - "Where is Binky Boo" and "The Magic Hoop". Here are the illustrations from these books:

Aren't they brilliant?!


  1. They definitely are! I love such style of illustrations so much. They are really beautiful.

  2. ?*Confused Reader*?29 March 2012 at 02:40

    The Magic Hoop story does not seem to make sense. What happens to Binky Boo on passing through the hoop? The story implies Binky Boo returns to normal on the last page yet he never seems to have altered from normal at any stage. Confused my daughter, have we missed something?