Monday, 16 May 2011

Emily Gravett

Emily Gravett is without a doubt one of the most talented and inspiring authors and illustrators on the market at the moment. Here she is in her home studio:

I have read several interviews with her, and the most interesting ones can be found here and here. She had an extraordinary life and journey to illustration! Also, please check out her website! It is also very cool and interactive and drawn by her.

Why do I like her work?

First – the drawings are superb! She uses pencil and watercolour and the result is – effortless perfection! At least it seems effortless. All her characters come out so full of emotions and expressions and life! They are very engaging.

Second – the way her books are put together is extraordinary! These are not just picture books! These are the amalgamation of drawings, collage, typography, clever compositions, hidden secrets and little special details. You can spend a long time looking through the pages. There is just so much to discover!

Third – the stories are very unconventional and involving! The stories blew my mind away! This is a completely different dimension of writing a story for a picture book! But of course you have to read it for yourself to appreciate it!

My 30 year old friend asked me to give her for her birthday Emily Gravett’s book “Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fairs”. She saw it in my house and fell in love with it! So, Emily’s picture books most definitely don’t have an age limit.... They are appealing to everybody!

You can see the full list of her published books on her Website. I would recommend buying all of them. They are all absolutely marvellous!

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