Sunday, 25 September 2011

Quentin Blake

"I don't wait for inspiration. I'm not, in fact, quite sure what inspiration is, but I'm sure that if it is going to turn up, my having started work is the precondition of its arrival."
Quentin Blake (Words and Pictures)

Quentin Blake doesn't need an introduction! He is one of Britain's best-loved and most successful illustrators and children's authors. I am not even planning to attempt to retell his very extensive biography or try to summarise his countless achievements. You can read about all that on his WEBSITE, which is great by the way, and contains a huge amount of very interesting and useful information for children, parents, teachers and starting illustrators, including videos and interviews!

All I wanted is to show you some of his drawings and tell you why personally I admire his work so much!

I love the WAY Quentin draws, how he moves pen across the page, how he applies colour. His movements are totally effortless and controlled at the same time. My Dad always told me that the real artist thinks about the line before applying it. And when he draws it - it is already the right line - firm and confident. Real artist rarely uses rubber, or makes 25 hundred small thin iffy lines in all directions trying to get it wright.

Quentin draws like a REAL artist. This process is almost mesmerizing!

 Also, I love Quentin's illustrations because they are full of movement and expression and they are very engaging. His drawings are the sort of perfectly executed clever and hilarious scribbles that make sense!  


  1. Love this post! Quentin Blake has always been a huge inspiration for me too. He's probably one of the main reasons I wanted to become a children's illustrator in the first place! :)

  2. My beloved genius.... i adore his work and personality.
    We can learn so much from him! :-)

  3. Hmm...not sure you're right about his methods. I believe he does preliminary pencil sketch and uses a lightbox to produce final line work.
    Which is a sensible way of doing things when up against deadlines.

  4. Rovie Robinson6 March 2012 at 17:55

    Loved this post! Thank you! I am so inspired by Quentin Blake. I just adore his work and enjoyed reading your appreciation of him too.

  5. I love all the books that Quinten illustrated! Im his biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!


  7. HI SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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