Friday, 11 February 2011

Oliver Jeffers

I think it would be very selfish of me to have this blog purely for demonstrating my own artwork, so I thought it might be a good idea to drop a post about my favourite authors and illustrators once in a while.

And here is the most favourite for today – Oliver Jeffers! Love him! By the way, he has a great website, where you can find not only his illustrations, but his paintings too. And they are amazing!

Why do I love him?

First – I find him quite handsome! – Here! That’s him! And this gorgeous lady is his wife Suzanne, sorry girls - Oliver is taken...

Second – He is so talented, it hurts! His style both in writing and in illustration is very simple and minimalist but at the same time it is incredibly charming, warm, and clever! The combination of colour, texture, composition, and wording is so well balanced and intricate. I think that you need far more skill and talent to illustrate the story with a simple image, rather than with elaborate one...  Oliver is a master of simplicity!
And there is one more reason, why I like Oliver’s books so much. They evoke feelings and emotions! Again, this effect is not obvious and sharp, but very soft and gentle. His books make me warm and cosy inside; they make me smile and may be a little bit sad. But none of his books ever leaves me indifferent...  

I love all the books about The Boy - "Lost and Found", "Up and Down", "The Way Back Home", "How to Catch a Star". I love the fact that The Boy doesn't have a name. I love the fact that penguin doesn't talk.

But my ultimate favourite would be "The Incredible Book Eating Boy"! I think that this book is hilarious, clever and visually enchanting! Apparently it was drawn on the pages of the old books and has an amazing texture to it. And the idea is cool!

I found Oliver Jeffers to be very inspirational. I have learned a lot from these books. I think I have understood a lot about illustration and writing a picture book. I would most definitely recommend his books to anyone who has kids and even to those who don’t!