Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rob Scotton

Rob Scotton is brilliant! I think he is, anyway. Here he is:
Rob Scotton is a British illustrator, known for his charming series of children’s books about Russell the Sheep and Splat the Cat. His whimsical work also appears on greeting cards, ceramics, textiles and stationery. I am afraid he is a bit of a mistery as I struggled to find any substantial information about him online. His website is a bit painful and I couldn’t find any interesting interviews either.

But his drawings and his books are soooo cool!
 First – they are funny! There is humour in each illustration!
Second – I love his style, or rather styles, because there is a huge difference in drawing style between Russell the Sheep and Splat the Cat! But both are extremely charming!

But I think pictures will speak louder than words, so enjoy: