Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yevgenia Gapchinska

She is my favourite Ukrainian artist and illustrator. She calls herself A SUPPLIER OF HAPPINESS NO 1. And I do agree. Her work is soooo lovely, charming, dreamy, kind, sweet and tender, that you do feel happier every time you look at it... I do anyway.

Gapchinska is very popular back at home and has several galleries in Ukraine and Russia but has no intension to break into Europe just yet. She sells only her personal work in her galleries, but now she expanded her business into creating bags, towels and other merchandise.

Quite a lot of people say that her work is too commercial. Well, frankly speaking, I don’t care! I love it! And what is wrong with being commercial? Being commercial means being likeable! And if she has some business sense to match her artistic talent – that’s fantastic!

I hope her little angels will make you smile!


  1. Oh, I love her so much, her little angels always make me smile! have you seen her star signs? They're very clever and cute

  2. yo estoy enamorada de sus trabajps felicitaciones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!