Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Female shape

Talking about trying something new.... As much as I love drawing cute kids and funny animals, I wanted to try something different.

And my second favourite things to look at and to admire (after kids) are women! Purely from aesthetical point of view, I think that women are extremely beautiful creatures. Their shapes, proportions, skin, eyes, and movements – everything is just soooo much better put together by nature than with men..... I can imagine all the angry men throwing stones and rotten carrots at me at that point, but never mind J)

It is just a matter of personal opinion. And of course there are some gorgeous men out there, as there are some not quite beautiful women, but in general, us girls are so much more aesthetically pleasing to look at.....

So I decided to draw some.... I wanted to capture the beauty of the female body.... the way it bends and curves.... These drawings are very simple and I have to confess – I used photographs for reference....

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