Saturday, 14 May 2011

Future animation

I have been asked to draw a little animation for Ukrainian website of children writers. The idea was quite simple - to draw some book sellers in the empty shop  surrounded by bookcases full of books. The book sellers are getting bored because they don't have any customers. Then a crowd of kids is running through and swiping all the books off the shelves, and the last scene - the frightened and confused book sellers and the completely empty book shelves... Something like this.

This is what I drew:

Before the kids' stampede -
then the excited children are running through:
And the scene after the invasion:

I am afraid I couldn't put this into animation myself. I am not that computer literate, so I wil just post the artwork  to the people who know...

This is my last bit of drawing before I go on holiday to sunny Greece. I am planing to sketch a lot there. I have millions of ideas and I am looking forward to 10 quiet days in the sun where I can just let my imagination go and draw all the things that I never have a chance to draw when I am home...

I promise to show what I come up with! It is going to be great!

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