Saturday, 6 August 2011


I am sooo glad it is summer! And it looks like pretty summery summer too, which is quite unnatural for England! Every morning I am opening the patio doors to let the sun in! And it is soo much better to work, to draw and to live when the sun is shining! I just wish it stayed with us for a bit longer!!!

Also, I love sitting somewhere on the beach or in the beach cafe watching the children playing in the sand. I would really like to do a series of drawings of kids on the beach with their spades and buckets, sunhats and cute little swimming suits! I find them mesmerising!

But! Back to reality! I have a huge card portfolio to finish, two books, sorry, now three books to illustrate, oh! and the house to clean, and the shopping to do! So, I am afraid, the kids on the beach with their buckets and sunhats will have to wait! 

I can't just post a text without a picture, so here is a little card that I have drawn yesterday:

I wish you all to have a fantastic Summer day!

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