Thursday, 15 September 2011

Top Drawer Exhibition, London

So! TOP DRAWER  is the UK's leading event for design-led gifts, lifestyle and fashion accessories held in London twice a year. The Exhibition was great! I really enjoyed it! There were so many lovely, quirky, sweet, stylish and inspiring things, I didn't know where to look!

I have decided to separate my findings into two posts. One - devoted to greeting cards, as this was my main point of interest, and another - all other products that I really liked!

Let's start with the cards! Frankly speaking, I thought the choice would be a bit bigger, but I suppose the lack of cards was compensated by the huge amount of everything else.   

 My favourites were LOVEHEART.

The designs are a combination of two distinctive creative styles of husband & wife, Simon & Theresa Hart. Actually I have been following their BLOG even before meeting them at the exhibition.  It was a great pleasure to stumble across their stand and meet them in person! I have recognised  their work straight away!

I love their cards for their simplicity and very well thought through design. Their cards are a perfect combination of colour, composition and idea.  Apparently, they are using a proper old letterpress for their typography, rather than Photoshop fonts, which I thought was a great idea which adds a bit more warmth and personality to the cards.

The second company that really impressed me was LIZ AND PIP.

Also, a lovely collection of sweet, warm, funny, well designed cards. I thought they did a great job! I am all for simplicity and I do believe that less is more, and I think that their funky uncluttered artwork works great! And! It puts a smile on your face! What else can one ask for?
Then there was ART HOUSE MEATH! These guys were really amazing! This is a Social Enterprise celebrating the artistic talents of adults living with learning difficulties and severe Epilepsy. All the artwork is done by them!!! And I thought it was fantastic! It was very true, funny, compelling, brilliantly put together and VERY marketable!!! They produce not only greeting cards, but lots of other stationary, t-shirts, mugs and even cufflinks! 100% of their profits go to Meath Epilepsy Trust. Check them out!

And a little bit of high tech stuff...  CUTTURE London - they produce laser cut greeting cards and stationary for weddings and events.

Loved them! Again, very simple, stylish, sophisticated and tactile!!! I couldn't stop touching their business card... It is just sooo pleasant to touch!!! (sorry, I am not weird, I just love good design that much!)

Of course, there were more stands with cards, but most of them were quite similar in style and approach. So, I have mentioned the ones that stuck in my memory. I hope I didn't bore you to death :)

I have to warn you that the next post will be about all the rest of the products, and I am afraid it will be much more lengthy...


  1. looks like you had a blast.
    I went to TD years ago and loved it too.

  2. wish i was there... but we are lucky you are sharing some it with us!
    xo sandra

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and leading me to some new artistic finds. What great fun. Many thanks too for your blog visit today. I love that you loved it :). Happy week-ending.

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