Monday, 13 February 2012

Guinea pigs RULE!

One lovely publisher asked me to draw some guinea pigs for them. How could I say "No". I love guinea pigs! Especially funny and naughty ones! They are little fluffy pink-nosed balls of fur and joy!

Although I like rats even more! I think they are cleverer.... My next book will be about a rat. Lots of people say that it is a bad idea to write about a rat, and picture book about a rat is a big fiasco from the start, because nobody like rats... I think this is just not fair!!! What a cruel discrimination! So, I am going to prove everyone wrong!

But back to our guinea pigs! Of course they are a safer bet than rats, so here is what I drew:

Do you think that a picture book about a rat is a bad idea???


  1. These are beyond fabulous! If the rat is as adorable and lovable as these guinea are all set!

  2. вот тебе 2 ответа, что идея удачна:
    1. Плаксик из "Сказки на ночь"
    2. рататуй

  3. Just love your guinea pigs! Lovely!
    Rat picture books shoudn't neccessarily be a fiasko...what about 'The tale of Desperaux' or 'Ratatouille'-animated movies but still about rats and awesome ones too! I bet you can prove everyone else wrong too :)

  4. Love the guinea pigs...very funny. Personally I'm not a fan of rats, probably because I lived on the Isle of Man for a year and they have a huge rat problem... no snakes or foxes on the island...= huge rats that eat through concrete and come into the house...yuck.
    I did love the film Ratatouille, so I can have my arm twisted.. :)

  5. Cute g-pigs! And I think your book about rats will be great...GO for it!!

  6. Not at all, like several already said Despereaux, Ratatouille and the movie Flushed Away all featured rats quite successfully. I think kids especially are fascinated by them. Your work is fantastic. Love these images.

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  8. I just love your illustrations and your guinea pigs are beyond darling! I also LOVE rats and have had them as pets during various stages of my life since I was 8. They are so wonderfully clever and sweet. I say go for the rat book- it is sure to be wonderful, and your charming illustrations will help battle the negative stigma these cute little critters have to face. Best of luck!!!
    =) Jen

  9. WOW! Fabulous illustrations..they are superb! I must say, I think a book about rats would sell very well!!!