Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I absolutely adore watercolour! I have only one problem - I don't know how to use it. Everything I draw these days, I draw digitally, even the sketches, and some times I am not even sure if I can hold a pencil any more, never mind a paint brush!

So, I have decided to conquer my fears and start drawing with watercolour again, and learn how to use it from scratch! First of all I needed to fetch my old paint sets from the attic, and I found quite a bit!

Then I bought a small A5 pad with watercolour paper and set some ground rules for myself - to draw without using eraser, to draw fast and the first thing that comes to my head! And here is the result of my first efforts!

I have to say, I absolutely LOVED the feel of the rough paper under my palm and the brush in my fingers, and the smell of the paint, and the way it covers the surface! It was almost surreal! Who would have thought that a very simple drawing can bring so much joy??? This is what happens with people who work digitally!


  1. I so hear you! I love acrylics and guache but haven't used them for ages now and last week I tried to use them it's like trying a bike after a long time. You never really forgot but it takes time to get back in the 'saddle' :) Have fun!

  2. Me,too! I totally agree with Antoana and you! I am the one who still drawing by hand,but learning how to use Photoshop right now. Still, I love to get my hands dirty ,and have fun with the media of my choice. I am not very good at watercolor or acrylic,but love to learn how to use them. My rule is "just do it". Otherwise, I will think too much before I even try it. ^____^ Love your sharing,and I will continue to draw and paint by hand. It is what I love to do!

    Great works! I love your try-out painting,Elina!
    Happy creating art!

  3. I also love to paint with watercolors. Nice start, I'll wait for new work :)

  4. I love watercolours... your paintings are adorable..... :)

  5. Elina! don’t say you don’t know how to use watercolor i don’t believe it! your little experiment is just perfect: adorable and crazy fun!

  6. You go girl! I must say, you take to them like fish to water! Wonderful work!