Friday, 13 April 2012

Bubble Bath Fairy

I have just finished another Fairy! Isn't she a cutie???

She is in charge of all the bubbles and fluffy towels! She is also responsible for clean necks and soft pink toes! Needless to say that she smells delicious!

My first 6 fairies are ready! Hooray! Let's make some post cards now!!! Or prints???? Or both???


  1. She is cute,Elina!!! I am so enjoying visiting your blog!!!
    ^_________^ Happy creating art!!

  2. When I saw your Jam Fairy I though she was my favorite, then I saw the Honey one and fell in love... now this! So gorgeous and I just LOVE that wallpaper!

  3. It's so lovely! Does it come as a print and available for sale at all?
    It's gonna be great as wall art next to my bath tub...:)

  4. It is great ! How can I buy one? I am from Argentina.