Thursday, 24 May 2012

Little Ellis

I draw toys quite a lot!  As you have probably noticed by now, I LOVE THEM!!! Some times I draw characters inspired by toys. But this time one lovely fairy Elena from Russia made a doll inspired by my drawing!!! How cool is that???

Here she is! Isn't she gorgeous?!

And here is the original drawing:

They look so much alike!!!And the doll is absolutely adorable! And I feel very proud!!! I don't know why... May be because it is so nice to know that my drawings inspire people to create something wonderful! This is a very rewarding feeling....


  1. How adorable!! And flattering!! Love both the little doll & the drawing!!

  2. Красавица!!!! Я тоже собираюсь сделать куколку по твоим иллюстрациям, только пока не выбрала какую хочу!!!!!

  3. Спасибо, Элечка! Счастья Вам и новых творческих идей:) Радуйте нас и дальше Вашим творчеством, а мы Вас своим))

  4. She did a GREAT job. Wonderful character-both ways!

  5. This is a great news,Elina! So happy for you! The doll is indeed adorable!!

  6. they both are absolutely gorgeous!!!! ♥
    i think yes, your drawings inspire people a lot :))