Tuesday, 15 May 2012

No Name Cupcakes

Recently I was asked to design some stationary for a lovely little cupcake business. That was such a sweet job!!! I loved it!

We decided to avoid the usual pinky-blue colour palette and went for warm and yummy chocolate cherry theme! We wanted it to look tasty and a bit cheeky, as cupcakes are really a bit naughty, aren't they?? With all those calories inside? BUT!!! Never mind the calories! They are delicious and that's all that matters!!!

And here is a post card to show it!!!

I have also designed business cards, leaflets, website header and menus. It is quite peculiar how my illustration work takes me towards graphic design and brand development :))) Exciting! I wonder what will be next!


  1. the result turned out fantastic! :)

  2. This is lovely,Elina! I am so happy for you that you have been working so hard to come up with all the wonderful illustrations and designs. Now, this project had proved that you can brand out more than just illustration. You will have more fun to come in different areas for sure. ^___^

  3. Эх как сразу захотелось слопать хотя бы один очень малюсенький, но, конечно, самый вкусный кексик!!!!!! Изумительно!!!!

  4. Awesome Elina! I agree, the colour palette is fantastic, it's so yummy with this chocolate cherry 'flavour'-brill! It truly looks amazing!