Thursday, 15 November 2012

Illustrating a miracle!

I am drawing a series of pictures for my friend's kids bedrooms. They are not just pictures though! They are the illustration of a very special story, a little miracle called "Life".

The story is about a little girl (my friend's elder daughter) who wanted a lot of children in their family! She was dreaming about kids all the time and asking her mum to give birth to twins first, and then to many more. Twins - was the wish she made on her birthday blowing the candles!

And guess what happened???? She has two baby sisters now!!!!

All I am trying to do - is to recreate this amazing story in pictures, because there were a lot of little things, that I can easily call - miracles!!!

For example, here is one of the paintings, on which my friend is holding a little drawing made by her daughter. She drew Mummy having a scan and the Doctor showing her that she had two babies in her belly. This is the actual drawing and it was done BEFORE the scan and before everybody knew that there were twins inside!

Isn't it amazing??? The colour scheme was selected to complement the interior of the bedrooms and the general mood and atmosphere of this very touching story! There are 10 pictures in plan - 5 in each bedroom and I will be showing you the rest of them as I progress.


  1. yes, this is a miracle! I would like to have a couple of twin in my family.... ;)

  2. about being blessed! :-)

  3. Beautiful story and beautiful pictures. Just lovely Elina :)

  4. чудесная картинка ))) а две чудесные девочки мечта ...

  5. Adoro tus ilustraciones, un abrazo

  6. Lovely drawing and incredible story. Sometimes dreams come true... well I hope there will be not more than... let's say a couple of twins?? ;)