Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Illustration Friday - Edge

Crying children can really drive their family very close to the edge!!! So, I think that this drawing I have posted on my blog just a couple of days ago, really suits the topic....

Plus there is some additional winging about the hard working life of an illustrator.. (joking)

Some times I feel like a drawing machine! I know, it is not good for an artist, but when you have to juggle 10 project with deadlines and client's (publishers) requirements, you start to feel like one.

Once in a while I just have to draw something for myself the way I want to draw it!!! For me- this is the way to shake off the routine and really enjoy it!

This year I am taking part in a very interesting collaboration of Russian writers and illustrators in creating a third volume of Fairy Tales Сollection, where different illustrators are drawing for different fairy tales in the style they think appropriate! No boundaries and constrains! No money either, but some projects you do for the pure fun of it!

I had a couple of stories to illustrate. And here is my first picture! For those, who know Russian language, here is the LINK to the story. For those who don't, it is about the girl who wouldn't stop crying, and who flooded with her tears all the neighbours! Of course, they found a solution in the end, but it was not easy!

Now that was fun! I enjoyed drawing that very much! And I think I succeeded in showing the right mood and atmosphere of the story....


  1. I don't know the story, but the art is great! How do you draw the wall paper pattern without your eyeballs falling out! Eeek!!
    Love the rat/mouse! :))))))

    1. Oh, I didn't draw the wallpaper, I just pasted the pattern into Photoshop! Otherwise my eyeballs would fall out for sure!

  2. Love the picture...wish I could read Russian. So glad you explained the wallpaper. I know what you mean, it's always great to draw just for you... :)

  3. ох какая красота) жизненая)

  4. This is a wonderful illustration. I hope you make the story available in English at some point.

  5. Great thoughts and style!! :)

  6. Oh, this is wonderfully adorable! I love your characters. And I'm glad you're taking a little time to do the illustrations you like best!