Friday, 11 January 2013

My First Sketchbook

I know that every self respected artist and more so  - illustrator should have a sketchbook.... I never had one... I kept all my ideas in my head. Or, if I had a great idea, I just sat and drew the finished piece! I know, it is not a very clever way of doing things. Plus, I am rubbish at drawing something real ! I can draw well using my imagination, but when it comes to drawing real thing that stands in front of me - I suck! It is not good. I know I need to train my observational skills and draw what I see for a change.

So! My first ever sketchbook was completed a few days ago! It was a simple Moleskin and I have deliberately chosen to draw just with a pen - without pencil or eraser.  Give me the freedom to correct my mistakes - I will do it forever! Instead I tried to just let it go and draw what I see and how I see it...

I came to the conclusion that I preferred drawing people rather than objects, but I had a go at everything. Also, I found it very therapeutic and inspirational to draw outside! Except  drawing life, I also tried to jot down all sorts of crazy ideas that popped into my head!  And I am sure something great will come out of them one day!

Anyway, of course 90% of my first sketchbook doodles were pure crap, but 10% were sort of half way there and I will be brave enough to demonstrate a few pages!

I have already bought my next sketchbook! I am sure I will do better in it! And one thing I can say for sure - I am now totally converted to using a sketchbook! It is great fun!!!

What about you? Do you have one? What do you draw there???


  1. You are so gifted! I loved the funny guy poses and ships and the very last still life. Good luck with your next sketchbook!

  2. what's your materials for sketching?

  3. Well, I'd say you've got the hang of "sketchbooking" just fine! Looks pretty darn good to me! (my people tend to look more like sad, misproportioned cartoons...) I have a few sketchbooks... I make scratchy sketches of my "really good" ideas, so I don't loose them in the chaos of my mind and I then I can rest easy knowing they are safely recorded and focus on day to day tasks that need doing!
    Would love to see more!! :)))))

  4. I love sketchbooks. In fact, I can't live without it. I am more hand-drawing type of artist,so I for sure need sketchbooks to keep all my sketches,idea,and so on. Sketchbook is a must-have in my daily life. I love all your sketches,and I always enjoy seeing other artists' sketchbooks. Have fun with yours!! ^__________^

  5. I don't draw but always appreciate good illustrations (like yours)! Love the one where you drew a bag of fruits.
    Keep it going Elina :)

  6. Great you have a sketchbook :)You are so talented, you have to boost your talent in any possible way. Love your sketches.

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