Thursday, 27 January 2011

An Idea

Here is some work on the character development for my first book.... I mean the first book that I have written myself. I am just in the beginning of a long road here. Basically it is just an idea that I have.... We will see where I get with it.

Do I think I will get anywhere with it? I am not sure... I know that I will do it, but I am afraid even to think about whether it can be accepted and actually published one day. In fact, I am petrified, because I know that this market is SOOOOO competitive, and there are SOOOOO many extraordinary talented people who each year try to get their books published.... And here is me... with very little experience in illustrating, and absolutely no experience in writing. Especially writing in English, as I am Ukrainian by nationality, and my native language is Russian.

But I will try anyway! At the end of the day the true skill comes with practice and experience, and if I never try, I will never have this experience.....

So, if anybody at all is reading me – wish me luck!

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