Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I got tired of drawing simple stuff.... I felt like going back to drawing/painting more or less properly...

I had this image in my head of kids sitting on the branch of a tree fishing...

They are fishing for golden fish!!! They have been sitting for a while now and caught only one. But they don't really mind... They just enjoy the view and each other's company!


  1. The caught fishy doesn't seem to mind much, either. What a fun illustration. Love it!!

  2. It's amazing Elina, I love your paintings. What kind of paint do you enjoy using? And I wanted to ask you, how do you plan your painting time around your family? (you know, Im curious because we have those similarities as artists with little people, and at the moment Im flat out and struggling to make real painting time! Help!)
    Much love
    Julia x

  3. Классно! Идея - супер: вот оно детство - им плевать на золотую рыбку..
    Эль, а ты мое письмо видела? И зафоловь меня взаимно в твиттере.

  4. Hello - me again lol
    Thanks for your reply (on my blog). I have a fat spiral bound notebook that doubles as my goals/daily to do list and although most times it works like a dream, somedays time just seems to elude me. Perhaphs I need to distribute some household chores to other family members eh?? :D
    Like you, I have to try and do something creative for at least half an hour a day or I go a bit loopy, start to feel empty. I'd love to sit down with you and have a good old natter about everything, reckon we'd pass hours so we'd have to find somewhere that did good coffee and cake to keep us going! :) Love all that you do, your work is very inspiring - Im not all that familiar with creationg Photoshop art so super impressed with what you're doing!
    Have a smashing day, J x