Thursday, 11 August 2011


There are a few books I have read to enrich my knowledge in Illustration and may be to earn a penny or two with my talent. Not all of them were proven to be particularly helpful, but some of them were quite informative and interesting!

Here are the books that I found useful in one way or another:

I promise to write a short review on each one of them a bit later, but for the moment I would like to talk about one particular book that I am reading at the moment and am very impressed with!

It is this one:

"How to be an Illustrator" by Darrel Rees, Head of Heart Artist Agency, one of the largest UK artist agents.

I found this book incredibly helpful and well written. It covers all the topics that were bothering me as a starting illustrator, plus it has loads of interesting interviews with artist who made it into the big world, telling us how they did it and giving the newcomers some valuable advice.

You can read a lovely review on this book here.

I would just like to add that I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone who is planning to become an Illustrator!


  1. just discovered your blog-wonderful work!

  2. Fantastic looking book Elina, will check that one out - recognise a few books in your photograph that are on my own shelf, will look forward to reading your reviews on them all, have a lovely weekend, J x x x