Monday, 15 August 2011

This cat again

I think Nimbus has hit the rock bottom!...

The more I draw him the more I want a cat! My son would LOVE to have a cat, but I am allergic to them.... Such a shame, because otherwise I would most definitely get him a fat ginger cat! And we both would love this cat to bits!!! But I have to limit myself to imagining one...


  1. Ohhh...and you imagine one so well! I LOVE Nimbus. I am so sorry you are allergic, but if you want to torture yourself a little, check out Scottish Folds:
    I have two of them, and your Nimbus reminds me of them. Cute, funny--more little creatures than cats :)

  2. They are perrrrfect for me!!! They are exactly the sort of cats I would love to have. I love their faces!!!