Friday, 30 September 2011


Hello my dear friends! I have decided to try something completely different...
I had a series of drawings in my head for a while already, but only now I have decided to actually draw them. It is not my style at all, and I am as out of my comfort zone as it gets, but I wanted to give it a go...

Here is my first attempt!

I am not brilliant at drawing anything realistic, so any constructive criticism and your opinion on the drawing would be very much appreciated!!!


  1. So proud of you for pushing out of your comfort zone. This is wonderfully visual and colorful. I love the hats and imagining what they might be chatting about. My only suggestion would be maybe a slight tilt to each head, if they are indeed engaged in conversation. I just absolutely adore that pink hat.

  2. Well, hurray for getting out of the comfort zone!
    The hats are great, the shadows ar good and the shiny bracelets are so realistic. I'd almost not believe this actually really your first attempt :)