Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It is all about LOVE!

I know, it is not quite winter yet, but you need to be prepared when it arrives! So, here is a little Valentine's card for you, my friends....

Even if you don't particularly need it, I hope it will make you smile! And that's it! The line of cards with sheep is finally finished, and I am actually pretty glad about it! What shall I draw next? Goats? Chicken? Polar Bears? I am not drawing pigs, that's for sure... They didn't go down very well... For some strange reason people were getting offended.

If you were given a card with a cute little piglet, would you think that the person giving you a card thinks you are a pig???


  1. Aww!!! This is so adorable, I love your cards, they are so kind and heartwarming :) Thank you so much for sharing. What if you draw "ejik" - Hedgehog :) It is such a cute character.

  2. Once again...darling! I love pigs. I would not think anything was up with getting a pig card. But, I'm pretty happy with myself. Inside at least. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am absolutely in LOVE with this one. Awesome-sauce, I say!

  4. I loveit!! so cute!!! adorable!! ;)

  5. Hi Elina, thanks for your comments, the punchline for the Husband design is ...you know I'm worth it!
    P.S. i'm loving your little sheep x