Monday, 31 October 2011

Christmas cat

The work on Nimbus is moving slowly!

I have done the first 3 spreads in colour. I am sure they are not the final versions either, therefore your opinion is very much appreciated! Please let me know what you think about these drawing! I can still make them better! (if they can be better) :)))


  1. Elina, this is looking very good;
    I absolutely love the composition in your first spread; the illustrations are playful, and creative, and i am so amazed how beautifully you apply colors...
    wish i could pick your brain:)
    your work is fabulous, such an inspiration for me
    xo sandra

  2. such gorgeous illustrations! i `ll be visiting : )

  3. I agree! Love these and your painting style. I love what you are doing with the mixed media technique as well.
    If I may be so bold: I love the bottom panel but struggle a bit with what is happening. I remember seeing the sketch on this. I am gathering it is a before/after? The image on the right is a tad difficult to reconcile. I think all the paper may be overpowering the story line. Maybe keep the floor and paper from the panel on the right so that we can recognize time and place. I absolutely adore this story and character. Great work. Colors are amazing.

  4. These are great,Elina!!! You have done a great job designing them. The background for the first illustration is just perfect!! ^_________^ I love the textures of all the illustrations! Happy creating art!

  5. Fantastic! The characters are fun and the coloures are lovely, I love those...I must agree with one of the comments tho on the background, maybe keep it a bit simpler so ur characters come out more...just a thought, hope I'm not offending you by my comment..the work is really really fantastic! :D

  6. Thank you guys for all your kind comments! They are very much appreciated! I will most definitelly take them into consideration!

  7. Congratulations, your work is very good!

  8. these illustrations are amazing. great work....greetings from germany