Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Nimbus in colour!

I have started to colour Nimbus!!!

This is not the final version, but rather  - work in progress! It took me a long time to arrive to this, as I have tried 100 different ideas and colour combinations... The background was a big issue as I didn't like anything I tried... And I tried EVERYTHING! And even this is not the final version of the background. I had a bit of a revelation recently, so I am planning to change it again :))) Despite of all the struggle, extra coffee, chocolate, cursing and pulling hair out, I enjoyed drawing this very much!!! It is unbelievably satisfying and scary, and exhilarating to be working on my own project, where every bit of every decision is made by me!

Any opinions, even critical, are more than welcome at this stage!


  1. Oh, my gawd! I LOVE IT!!!! I love even more that I am trying to figure out your technique!!! Digital? Yet I love the soft brush look of gouache? ooooooohhhhhh...I especially love your opening paragraph about the tooth gnashing you've gone through. I can just picture it. I do the same thing. Oh, I can't wait to see more.

  2. Elina, i love it. i absolutely adore the background you chose, so i am very curious about what better one you will come up with!!
    the image is fantastic; i was wondering is is digital colouring? i recently started with digital colouring and still at the discovery stage.Learning something new is always a bit hard at first... :)

    great work, and congratulations on working on your own project :)
    xo sandra

  3. Thank you very much for your kind comments! This drawing is 100% digital. Although that was my aim to make it look as painted as possible. I am glad I have succeeded!

  4. My goodness, you've done it again!! Another fab piece of work, love the background and the characters! The sound of your own project sounds great too, will check back to see how you're getting on!

    Much love, Julia x x x

  5. It is a really nice piece,Elina!!! I love the expression on the little cute cat,and how you put "movements" on this piece! I can see that you have done a great deal of thinking and effort to create this piece. Take your time,and you will find the right background for your final version of this great illustration of yours! ^____^ I am looking forward to seeing your final work of this illustration!! By the way, it is the most fun when you come up with your "own" illustration,don't you think?
    Happy creating art!!!!

  6. I LOVE the motion in this piece. My attention was first captured by the bright scarf and dangling cat, but then darted over to those fantastic knitting needles.

    Wonderful, fun, engaging... great work.

  7. Ha, ha.... : ) Love it!!!

  8. Oh my just discovered your gorgeous artwork ....love it

  9. This is my daughter, except for the gray hair and the cat. I love it!