Monday, 14 November 2011

It is getting dangerous!

Remember I told you some time ago about the new project I was working on. Here is another illustration for this story! It will be published  next year by Mabecron Books . The story is full of tension and danger with unexpected turns and twists. I had to show this in my illustrations. I hope I am succeeding....

This is much darker than my usual style and I am way out of my comfort zone! BUT!!! I love the challenge! And, actually, I enjoy working on this book very much! May be there is a dark side to me after all :)


  1. Wonderful job,Elina! You captured the "dark" and "tension" in your illustration so well. It is different than your usual style,but I like it! Trying new style is always a great challenge that artist can give oneself with. You will never know where it will take you. ^___^

  2. fantastic illustration! i love it!