Thursday, 7 June 2012

Flirty Fairies

I am into drawing cute little round ladies (sorry, fairies) at the moment! These are flirty and cheeky!  They are called Milly, Tilly and Veronique! You can guess which one is Veronique!

Aren't they adorable? Proper little coquettes!

Would you like to see how I drew them??? Well, I am going to show you anyway!

First I draw a rough sketch:
Then I draw a tidy sketch on top and delete the layer with rough sketch:
Then I make the sketch barely visible and apply block colours to decide on colour palette:

 Then I add shadow and light to the fairies and make them look more three-dimensional:

Then I work on the background and change the dimensions of the canvas a bit to make sure that the drawing has right proportions and composition:

Then I add a couple of textures and a bit of contrast and voila!!! The little beauties are complete!

Oh! Forgot to tell you about the main trick! You need to smile and giggle while drawing, and you have to talk to them! Then they will come out really really well! They are such poses, they just can't help themselves!


  1. beautiful illustration!!

  2. They're adorable!

    love + luck + bliss,

  3. Hi Elina, I love, love, love your work. It is very inspiring. Can you please also share the medium you use for coloring? Do you also use the digital medium?