Friday, 8 June 2012

Matt Sewell and his Wonderful Birds

Not long ago I have found a fantastic little book about birds by Matt Sewell - a well known contemporary British artist and illustrator! Here it is:

I practically fell in love with it! It is a pocket size book, although quite large pocket, I have to say. It has lovely texture and design to it. This book is exceptionally pleasant to hold and to touch! In fact, it is so cute and sweet and lovely in a very English sort of way, that you want to hold it for a really long time... I did anyway!

It has a different bird for each week of the year, and the illustrations are fantastic!  You can see some spreads here. I love watercolour, and Matt's watercolour birds are fun! They are colourful, and cheeky and they actually inspire you to get out there and start noticing the birds and comparing them to the ones in the book!

But I am talking too much again... Just have a look at some of these cuties!!!

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