Friday, 12 September 2014

The result of the first year in Cambridge College of Arts

Well, I know I am late… I should have written about it 3 months ago… But better late than never.

I have finished my first year doing MA in Children's Books Illustration. That was great fun! I LOVED it! Many people were asking me why I was doing it. I am an illustrator anyway and my books are getting published regularly. My answer is - I am doing it, because I am loving it. My education was a huge source of inspiration, knowledge, fun, just as well as despair and frustration. BUT! It was still a fantastic experience and I am very happy that I have another one and a half years remaining to learn, experiment, communicate and enjoy every second of it!

And tada! I have something to show! This is my new book, which I have done as a college project. It is about a group of animals, who wanted to go on a BIG adventure. They spent a lot of time planning it and talking about it. They had very big plans….  The rest you will have to read when you see it in books shops!

Here are some drawings from this book:

And what about you? What have you been up to this year?  Learned something new?


  1. I LOVE your work! It looks so optimistic and enchanting!

  2. Поздравляю, это действительно достижение и это прекрасно. Я выжигаю, но рисовать никогда профессионально не училась, просто люблю рисовать и на самом деле хотелось бы пойти на какие-нибудь художественные курсы для взрослых, но пока ничего не нашла... только для деток и учителя там в основном студенты ищущие подработки, а хотелось бы получить опыт!
    А из последнего мне понравилось делать детские метрики, так спокойно от них на душе..))))
    Извиняюсь, что так много о себе рассказываю, но я давно за Вами наблюдаю и очень рада новостям! И приятно познакомиться, ранее я у Вас ничео не комментировала)

    1. Юленька привет! Приятно познакомиться!

  3. Привет! Просто обалденно! Сдается, у этой милой компашки большое будущее ))) Интересно, по какому принципу проходил отбор в команду? )))

  4. LOVE this! Can't wait to see it in print!

  5. I always enjoyed your art and I really appreciate what you shared about your life - it is cool and inspiring

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  7. Lindas ilustrações! Parabéns!