Monday, 1 December 2014

Flirty Fairies summer version.

 Some time ago I drew these cheeky girls -

And my friend created lots of gorgeous things with this drawing - purses, leather covers for documents, mugs, aprons and even puzzles and bags.The products looked so great and sold so well, that we decided to expand and have some more cheeky fairies.

Now I drew the summer version! Yes, I know it is Christmas soon, but I had this image with daisies for quite some time and was itching to spill it out on paper.

Aren't they cute? And my friend, again, turned them into wonderful little things like these -

If you want to buy any of these adorable items as Christmas presents or just as a little treat to yourself or your friend, you can do it HERE, or HERE (if you speak Russian)

1 comment:

  1. Hello Elina Ellis, I was delighted with his blog and his illustrations !!!
    I loved these girls fairies!
    Hugs from Brazil
    Litta Santos