Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mellina KIDS

Many people are asking me what I’m doing now, what projects I have and how I spend my usual day.

Let me tell you. Of course, my major activity is children books illustration. Usually I’m working on two-three books at the same time. But more often it is a kind of mix of projects – I get some of them from my art agent, and some of them directly from the publishers. Also I usually have  my personal project – a book, or some idea, and every week I try to devote some time to it.

 Sometimes I develop the characters for the games, cartoons or books. Plus I do private commissions. Recently I have been particularly interested in brand design. I find it fascinating! It’s a perfect combination of illustration and a graphic design. And if I do understand something in the area of illustration, I have almost no idea about branding (but I’m researching this topic it with  great pleasure).

I’m interested in everything from typefaces to the grids… I’m buying the books, listening to the lectures and master classes. It’s a real science! So, today I’d like to tell you about one of my last orders. I was asked to develop not only a brand, but also to design a website for  furniture and accessories shop  for kids. I loved the contents of the shop very much. So I was really excited to work on this brand.

So we’ve decided we needed a main character! Dad Moose fitted this position perfectly! We didn’t want it to be anything trivial like rabbits or cats. Also we wanted to use bright modern colours and the atmosphere of joy and warmth. You know, I can’t do it in any other way! If the picture doesn’t make you smile – then it was not me who drew it:))) So this is what we’ve created! Everything that you see is my idea, even the slogans. I loved working on that one!  The impression is that this project was sitting and waiting only for me, and I was waiting for it.

And here is the website of this company. I have to mention, that I am not the one who built this site. I am the one who designed it. 


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  3. Красиво получилось)))