Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Special present for the Best Mum to be!!!

Remember my drawing of magical rain forest? Well... that was only the beginning... There were three drawings actually, and all of them were painted for  my very dear friend who is expecting a baby! This baby is very long awaited and very special! and we are all incredibly excited about her arrival! (It will be a GIRL!!!))). I promised to draw something for the nursery and I am delighted with the result. I think my friend liked the drawings too!

And what do you think?

I have bought three beautiful white frames with wide double mounting. They should be hung in a row, because it is the same branch of a magical tree! I tried to add some little details, so that the  new baby-girl can explore them a bit.... And I didn't want them to be all pink and sweet. I wanted them to be full of sunshine, happiness and adventure!  Here are all three pictures in a row:


  1. Oh,they are just adorable!!!!!!! You have done a great job creating these three amazing painting for your friend's baby-girl to be. She will be a happy girl !!!!! There are unique,colorful,and for sure will bring happiness to the viewers. Wonderful job!!!!!!

  2. Elina, they are divine! what a beautiful gift..
    xo sandra

  3. I think it's beautiful and very whimsical indeed. I love the colors as well. It has a warm dream like quality to it. Great style and fantastic work.

  4. only just found you and wow I'm blown away at how delightful and talented you are x